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BOOZE BROTHERS Racism makes National News Click Here

FEDERAL for First 2 Steroid Crazed Cops

March 29,2012  Sergeant Joseph P Mcnally was arrested and fired. Mcnally faces serious charges and per a Camden County Judge was to be suspended without pay. April 4 ,2012 Ex mayor Little Ralphy Condo told one of our friends at a local towing company that he was using his county political clout to have the county judge on April 5 to reduce the charges to be heard at the township level. He said he can make it a political football for the election to help his friend Tom Giangullio get elected.

Waterford twp cops are running their own little mafia. Sunday we will be breaking entire story of where their secret meetings are and who holds positions in their mentally sick way of using their badges and politicians for a power base .  Marie Washington will name the names . Residents have been harassed , beaten, and attempted murder by these thugs with a badge .

Our new lawn signs are now available. You can get one by either writing in to our site or just picking them up at 240 white horse pike Atco Nj 08004. ( where the old truck decorated for Christmas}


waterford police cover-up seriousthefts ,robberies and attempted murders from public

Dec 2011 a local gun shop was robbed.

Jan 2012 WATERFORD TWP POLICE STATION was ROBBED. There are NO suspects in custody !

Police lockers were broken into . It makes  you wonder if it is the same people, but they would have to be cops to get to police lockers. 

There has been a positive eyewitness identification of one of the blood thirsty cowards in  July's attempted  murder of a longtime local resident. The one attempted killer worked for Waterford Twp recreation committee, and is the business partner of the police sergeant that was in charge the time the incident happened. One of the attackers was identified as David Cooey living in the Whispering Pines section of Atco.





He tried to kill a 59yr old sickly man
He was one of the cowards that were identified.

Sergeant Joseph P Mcnally is not only the DUMBEST cop on Waterford's force, his mental stability has again come into question. This morning 7/26/11 he tailed local activist Ron Passarella on his back bumper for more than 7 miles in an effort of intimidation. Mr Passarella made 26 turns onto different roads in 3 different towns with Mcnally on his back bumper. Passarella then went into WaWa for coffee and Mcnally made an instant BatTurn on the white horse pike almost causing a serious crash. The chief and mayor should be arrested when Mcnally finally kills someone. Waterford already has 5 seperate lawsuits on this wacko!

The Township meeting on 7/13/2011 was so full of fraud , abuse , and waste of tax dollars it was sickening. When you watch the meeting on TV you only hear the plants that they put in the room talking. The committee is so corrupt our local activist Ron Passarella didn't bother speaking. He supplied  us with the information and agendas and we will do a weekend edition showing how they are blowing your tax dollars and covering for the 5 police officers charged. We normally say Condo is the fox in the henhouse but now his hand is deep in the cookie jar with next year's taxes.

WTTP.Com currently has an open investigation of why 2 Waterford Twp police sergeants and a local attorney and public official have been seen partying with a known Mexican drug kingpin at the cove in Brigantine on several occassions! 

Rules and laws just doesn't mean anything with this lame duck administration. Mayor Condo doesn't seem to care how many lawsuits this town encurs under his lame duck administration. The lawsuits against Waterford are already in the tens of millions. Condo and Richardson are used to burying towns in mounds of lawsuits and Hurley and Finnerty just go along for the ride!

**********A Special Bulletin**********

The last couple of months our town has been flooded with investigators. Unfortunately many residents and non residents have been assaulted, harassed, and fraudulently arrested. The last seven months have been filled with police and political corruption. Anyone that has yet to come forward due to fear of retaliation please contact us with your contact information. We will forward your complaint to one of the private investigation firms that has been retained by several attorneys handling cases in Waterford Twp. Please this is not for someone that wants to get even for a traffic ticket. This is for people that have had their civil rights violated by corrupt politicians or corrupt officers. This is a serious situation as more than 20 have come forward already. The press is now involved in reporting also. We are here to help both residents and good police officers. Crooked cops make it dangerous for both residents and good police officers.

Waterford cop suspended after charges of threats

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A South Jersey police officer has been suspended from the force after he was charged with threatening a resident with whom he has had a long-running dispute in Waterford Township, Camden County.

According to police accounts and court records, Sgt. Joseph McNally was off-duty at Starky's Pour House in nearby Winslow Township on March 15 when he confronted Tracey Miller.

Miller sued the Waterford department last summer claiming McNally and other officers beat him and his father during stop for drunken driving.

McNally, who also lives Waterford, challenged Miller to a fight and threatened to "kick his ass," according to a criminal complaint filed by Miller.

McNally's attorney, Leo B. Dubler III, declined to comment on Friday. Miller's attorney, Charles Fiore, also declined to comment.

The police department suspended McNally without pay on Thursday night after a municipal court judge found sufficient evidence to charge him, said Waterford Lt. Daniel Cormaney.

The alleged barroom standoff follows a series of lawsuits and counter lawsuits involving Waterford elected officials and police officers in what the former mayor last year likened to an old-fashioned family feud.

On one side is a group of self-proclaimed whistle-blowers who say that a clique of Waterford police have harassed and intimidated residents, including Miller, for at least a year.

On the other is a small group of officers led by McNally, who says he has been defamed by a website launched in 2010 that makes claims of police brutality and posts photographs of police out drinking. In one instance, an officer was hanging upside down from what appeared to be a stripper's pole.

When McNally sued last summer to have the site taken down he named Maryann Merlino, now the mayor of Waterford, as a conspirator. The anonymously maintained site is still active.

"There's quite a bit of litigation going on," Merlino said. "I pray that it's gong to come to an end soon."

Set amid farms and orchards on the edge of the Pine Barrens, the town of 10,500 residents is filled with towering oaks and front porch swings. It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.

But between personal gripes and hard ball campaigns for local political office, life in Waterford has been far from serene, say residents.

"It's been a mess back and forth," Cormaney said. "It's a real shame."

Contact James Osborne at 856-779-3876 or jaosborne@phillynews.com, or follow on Twitter @osborneja.

We are trying to confirm whom this man is ?
Many have said it is Mayor Ralph J Condo

This site was developed in October 2010 by 16 people to discuss both local and national politics. Our goal was to promote candidates from all parties. Our theory is people should vote for the person not a partyline. If they have enough information they can make an intelligent decision. We became overwhelmed with the amount of cover-ups in Waterford Twp. This kept us so busy we have had little time to cover national politics and events. Here are a few things we uncovered in the last 6 months that residents would have not known if not for this site!
1. A democrat land dealer Joe Maressa bought off the local republican party and maintained control with 2 unscrupulous dems and 2 unscrupulous repubs.
2. We reported a high speed police chase that ended in an innocent resident injured and was improperly investigated by a local police sergeant. Not one newspaper covered it.
3. We uncovered our new mayor Ralph Condo whom was suppose to be a lifelong resident was a mayor in another town and was forced to resigned mid term.
4. We reported a serious accident one of our police cars had in Voorhees with injuries in both vehicles.
5. We reported a 71 yr old man was beaten near death at his own home by three steroid crazed cops. We had pictures of his horribly bruised torso.
6. We reported criminal charges against two police officers that were taken off swat team and special detail by the county prosecutors office.
7. We have reported many assaults and corruption in Waterford Twp.
These reports are what township residents need to know to bring this town back to the country fresh crime free town it has always been. That was way too many cover-ups for any town in 7 months. Lets work together and clean house.

71 Yrs Old almost beaten to death
3 steroid crazed cops Passarella/Lyons/Mcnally
71 Yrs Old almost beaten to death
3 steroid crazed cops Passarella/Lyons/Mcnally

************** BULLETIN *******************

All residents who had their municipal court cases switched to Magnolia. This is a Kangaroo court hearing and  you  should appeal immediately. These are set-up cases and there was NO chance for justice. Every appeal will have to be heard as their is a direct conflict of interest. If your case was transferred to Pine Hill you may also want to appeal as there is also a conflict. Special attention to the African American man that was assaulted by Mcnally for the color of your skin and then DENIED a lawyer in Magnolia court, we reccomend you contact the Black News Weekly, they follow our site daily. We still have your contact information and will help but they have the power that you deserve. We are appawled by this case. The man that was bashed by police for being Gay. We suggest you bring in the Gay Rights Activist. It is now time to bring this political justice scam to a hault. The Magnolia Judge and Prosecutor should be jailed along with the Racist cops.

Condo/Finnerty/Richardson's Dirty Little Secret is they found a way to create DEFICIT SPENDING in our small hamlet. They kept the tax increase to zero while increasing spending and then borrowed $886,000 to balance the budget. They financed this years corruption for the next 15 years.

Stop the CORRUPT polictical machine Remove Condo/Finnerty!

Mayor Condo and Director of Public Safety Finnerty Attempt Cover-Up of Condo's Nephew and Two Others Brutally Beating a 72 yr old man to almost death!
Mcnally has been out sick preparing for his disability before arrest. He is reportedly trying to justify his dirty urine with medications.
      • 2 former county prosecutors on May 13,2011 compare Waterford Twp police department and politicians as worse than the Deep South in the 60's.  

        Courier Post called town hall Friday May 20 at 10 am for a list of all the criminal charges against 3 officers and were told the township was closed.

        Waterford Twp currently has enough lawsuits filed against this wonderful town to Bankrupt it.

        A List of Current Criminal Charges Against 2 Waterford Twp Police officers

        Sergeant Joseph P Mcnally nj statues 2c:12-3B threatening to kill 2 counts 2c:12-1A1 aggravated assault 2c:13-3 civil rights violation 2c:33-2A1 reckless create a publc risk many more charges are pending against this officer. These charges are high degree felonies. He is still working the street carrying a gun. Officer Timothy Lyons current charges 3 counts of aggrivated assault- 3 counts of  false imprisonment-1 count of disorderly and more charges pending.

        It is official Chief Knoll and Ltnt Cormany Do NOT run the police dept. Township meeting on May 11,2011. Mayor Condo's nephew Sergeant Passarella and steroid crazed Sergeant Joe Mcnally were posted in 2 key locations to intimidate residents from speaking. Both were off duty and in partial uniform. Passarella had his shirt half unbuttoned with a yellowed white tea shirt hanging out and Mcnally glared at everyone from the doorway. The chief was asked why the clear sop violations were allowed to go on and he did nothing. There were a total of 5 police officers at the meeting.  Mayor Condo and Pamela Finnerty were made mince meat by 2 local outspoken activists that get stronger when bullied. Mayor Ralph Condo who barely passed high school was made a fool of as he keeps saying the previous administration did everything wrong and He didnt realize he is the PREVIOUS administration. He voted yes on everything the past three years as did Pam Finnerty.

        We received a letter from one of the oldest businesses in town. It will be posted this week.  It will show you the seriousness of the corruption from the mayor , police chief, and a few police officers. He praised many officers. In 60 years he has never mentioned politics , but the corruption in this town and the recent beating has made him speak out. This is one of the most respected people in town.

        Recent literature has come out from the county machine backing Condo/Finnerty that questioned why a teaparty would reccomend a democrat. We pick  quality candidates not parties although many of our choices are republicans. In Waterford Twp the Republican party has been corrupted and bought off by a low income democrat housing builder. We will not Back ANY LOCAL republicans until Hurley and Richardson resign or are jailed. This year we are reccomending 2 young independant honest business people for local committee in Waterford Twp . They are Merlino and Critelli. June 7th vote Column 4

        Lieutenant Dan Cormany admits Condo and his nephew Sergeant Richard J Passarella made a phony complaint on Saturday May 7,2011 to try and discredit 2 local men trying to console the 71 yr old man brutally beaten by Police. Dan also admitted yesterday that  Mcnally called in a false complaint on the same 2 local heroes. 

        Our Deepest Sympathy

        Our Deepest Sympathy and Sorrows go out to Officer Ron Turner and his family.  We are very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

        Mcnally announces in squad room a steak dinner for anyone who gives local businessman Domenic Rayo a ticket.  Only one brave officer stood up and said why do you ask others to do your dirtywork? Are you a P******?

        Mcnally writes on Joe Palladino's locker Rat in front of Leiutenant Cormany nothing said.

        week. Anyone with information on criminal activity involving Condo, Chief Knoll, Carl Lang , Joe Maressa Jr, Lieutentant Cormany, Condo's nephew Sergeant Richard J Passarella, and Sergeant Joseph P Mcnally. Mz Bindelhaus is very interested in political corruption, drug trafficking, steroid use, gambling operation, intimidation. You can email her at teapartysherry@aol.com  or just message her on facebook. She is also looking into internet fraud from a police computer. Mz Bindelhaus will be doing a full story on the snowplow incident that rocked our town. She promises this blockbuster event will shock the townpeople and every law enforcement officer in the area. She promises the story on who how and why a cop sold, used and recruited children from our dare program to cut and sell drugs for him, turned into a circus , and a money pit. The criminal cop was let resign and inocent officers were persecuted. The players behind the scene will shock the most seasoned police officers.

        MCNALLY Blames Lyons and Passarella for the beating eventhough Mcnally and Passarellla had it set up hours earlier our sources close to the investigation tell us. When we mentioned this to our local activist he said " That doesnt surprise me a bit. He wore a wire on all the cops the last time everything went down. Actually the information from the tape took down a Berlin officer on a frivilous charge. Mcnally he said is the biggest baby in the world, he is scared of his shadow from his long term steroid use paranoia and a tiny wee wee."

        Why does Waterford Twp Police Dept have so much criminal activity, when we are surrounded by stellar police forces like Berlin Twp, Berlin Boro , Chesilhurst, Winslow Twp.

        Prosecutors office REMOVES Mcnally and Lyons from Swat Team and All Special Details

        A Host of Charges have been filed on Sergeant Joseph P Mcnally and Officer Timothy Lyons, additional charges will be filed on Thursday on these officers and others. If Mcnally is found guilty of all ,he faces a maximum 28 years.

        A meeting in the department on Wednesday

        The main discussion was where the leak is in the dept . Thank Goodness for our town there are 15 leaks. Yes we Do Have Many Honest Good Police Officers here.

        fullname: bestfoodinatco
        email: xxxxxxxx@msn.com
        comments: I was in Zito's tavern thursday night May5th. They have the best food in town with the best prices. 2 off duty inebriated police sergeants were there. Mcnally and Passarelli they continually harassed the nice young waitress to go with them to AC. She told them NO more than 5 times before they said what would you do if you got a couple of tickets one night. She just walked away. I am still mad I didnt smack them pigs across their mouth. I have 2 daughters and I felt so bad for her. 

         New Lawn Signs are now available and going like hotcakes! Send in your address for your sign!

         Waterford Twp TeaParty Atco News Uncovered

        A constructive comment from one of our loyal readers

        I love this site! Keep up the good work of keeping the people informed of what is going on in our town! It has always amazed me that no matter what happens in Atco, it almost never makes the news or the paper, and on those rare occasions that it does, it only lasts a day! Our administration is better at covering things up then the feds!! My purpose for commenting though, is that it would be great if your articles included dates so that late comers to the site (such as myself) can have a time frame for when these various things happened.


        fullname: banklady
        comments: I've been an Atco Resident for 17yrs. i read your posts on the site weekly and yes our town and police
        department has had its ups and downs throughout the years. Their are certain officers in the town that
        i like and dislike and officer stegar is one of my favorites.
        When my neighbors and i talk about officers in this town, i hear nothing but good things about officer
        stegar and how nice and professional he is with everyone. I dont agree with you placing posts on officers
        who dont
        deserve to be on the site and officer stegar should be commended on his service not
        negatively like the other 2 assholes you have on the site constantly.I also want to meantion that im
        really ticked off about someone posting about officer stegar's cop car accident. He was going to a call that night
        and hit a deer. He suffered a concussion and other injuries to his body and you should be ashamed to say he
        may be under the influence. He was out for a whole year HOW RUDE!

        Response to last comment. This is what makes it so frustrating that a good cop gets tainted because his duty sergeants make him do a targeted stop. We also agree and never expected Stegar to make a bad list. This should totally be blamed on Chief Jack Knoll, Mayor Ralph Condo, and Director of Public Safety Pam Finnerty for not suspending the Booze Brothers and allowing  them to spread their cancer.

        Beware ALL Sgnt Mcnally touted off in a drunken stupor,He knows he is going down so he is carrying a TAPE RECORDER so he doesn't go down alone! He is looking to bring other departments in to take the tremendous heat off of Waterford. Please Beware ALL!

        Why No Comment from Our Chief Knoll, Mayor Ralph Condo, and Director of Public Safety Pam Finnerty?


         Details are very sketchy aprox 10 am Tuesday Police detective Len Thackston was traveling north on Rt 73 in Voorhees when his police cruiser slammed into another vehicle landing her in Cooper Trauma. The detective was running an errand for Mayor Ralph J Condo.Why did Mayor Condo send a highly paid detective on an errand? Did he need chemicals for his hot-tub? Who is running the Police Dept obviously not Chief Knoll? Chief is like a slinky just sits there and does nothing until someone pushes him and then the Badges may get caught in the carpet.

          Sad but True Last Sunday morning local police sergeants Passarella and Mcnally wanted to send a local man to county jail without proper paperwork. This means they can NOT call county transport. They had a patrolman take him to County Jail. The POLICE car RAN OUT OF GAS on Rt#76. A state trooper had to come take the prisoner. Our department has become a joke with Knoll, Passarella, Mcnally and Condo.

        Local Police Beat an innocent 71 yr old man and put him im hospital awaiting surgery!

        Update Man was released from hospital after three days. They couldn't operate on his broken bones until his lungs and heart get stronger. He sits home now in extreme pain. Lyons Mcnally and Passarella brutally beat a 71 yr old man with COPD enphyzema and a bad heart. They finally won a fight.

        We now have photos of the Battered 71 yr old man beaten in his own yard by 2 steroid crazed,shaved head cops with a 3rd lookout.

        comments: What is going on with the demolition at the Multiplex?And what is that costing the CONCERNED BROKE WT TAXPAYERS?

        Answer to email question: The multiplex is being demolished to save National Amusement on their property tax bill. With the building current property taxes are $90,000 and they will be greatly reduced with the building down.  When Critelli andMerlino come into office next year you will quickly see the Haines Blvd project take off with major shopping and restaurants. 


        OVER a HALF MILLION Hits and Updated Daily
        A Positive in our department is Sgnt Daniel Chumento. Saturday a resident from tremont ave had a parking situation because of Honda Day at the track. He summoned Sgnt Chumento and he had it all handled in minutes without raising his voice. Chumento is Waterford's Shining Star.
        Our website is in the process of a new direction!
        Waterford Twp is a Great place to live!
        Our main focus will now be stories on the Positive!
        We will be doing stories about an organization in town that has over a hundred HEROES!
        We will be doing stories on our outstanding fire and EMT operations!
        We will be doing stories of great organizations in town!
        We will also focus on our rich history!
        We will continue to cover our three corrupt politicians Condo-Richardson-Hurley and our two crooked cops Mcnally/Passarella however the focus will come off Hurley's girlfriends and alchohol problems and just focus on the corrupt cronie deals like stealing our recreation fields for crooked land dealers. We will maintain the heat on police sergeants Mcnally and Passarella alchohol and drug problems as they are the root of the police corruption!
        The Economic Development Board
        Has been a waste of time and energy.
        The board has done absolutely nothing except cancel their meetings.
        Bulletin: There has been many petty car break ins .This is mainly in the Whispering Pines section of the town. Keep your cars locked. The thieves walked around three Waterford Police cars to break into an unlocked vehicle.
        two wonderful residents with Business Experience have committed to run for township committee to REPLACE Condo/Finnerty
        Word is starting to leak out about these wonderful candidates that will run on the Democrat ticket. A businessman in his 30's  and a businesswoman in her 40's Both with extensive volunteer work
        There have been alot of rants coming in also. Amazing with last administration was mostly raves. This new administration ALL rants.

        of Atco, last elections messed up big time, Because they do not pay attention to local politics, if your gonna vote vote only if you know what your voting for, or dont vote at all. All I can say is, you messed up big time! Your gonna get what you wanted! and that is NOTHING!! More problems more money thats my opinion

        It is a shame our Local Republican Party was Infiltrated and CORRUPTED by UNSCRUPULOUS  Land Dealer Joe Maressa . He has Richardson , Hurley, and Condo feathering his bed now. Thank God two HONEST HARDWORKING RESIDENTS stepped up to run for twp committee on the democrat ticket this year. Local Republicans will have to SPLIT their ticket for the next two years. The LOCAL Republican Party will be corrupted until Hurley and Richardson are out of office.


        This site has the support of more than 85% of the Waterford Twp Police Dept. They consider the site and I quote " A breath of Fresh Air" . They are glad the Public's Eyes are being opened. There are ONLY 2 CRIMINALS in the department. They are Sergeant's Richard J Passarella and Joseph Mcnally. They are controlled by Joseph Maressa Jr. We are sure both Passarella and Mcnally will be charged this year and Maressa's Marauders will be voted out and Waterford Twp will go back to being a Great community to live. Please don't be fooled by a publicity stunt they are trying to give Mcnally. Mcnally and Passarella are no better than a heroin addict with a needle in their arm on the streets of Camden. The longer they stay the more good police officers get infected.


        Welcome to our web site!

         Waterford Twp Tea Party is a movement for BETTER government . We promote candidates from all parties based purely on their records of public service and their stated plans for the future . We have found if they were once a Big Spender they will always be a Big Spender and their records will clearly reflect it . Great leaders are based on their ability to move forward with great ideas and initiatives while surrounding themselves with hardworking people with traditional American values . Every candidate we endorse has these abilities . Remember money does NOT move our government forward , Leaders Do ! 

        We always try to look at the positive but politics and government are a negative dirty unscrupulous  game and we refuse to sugarcoat it . We feel if the politicians want a more positive critique, they should run a more positive government and be more truthful. We will be adding many more items to our menu. Many have asked for a police blotter, to let residents know where the crime stands. We do apoligize to the local businesses that are not listed yet. We have been swamped with requests for business listings and our staff is limited. We do appreciate the great response our businesses have received from their free listings on our site. One local business has informed us they had to add a new employee from all the extra business. Thank you all for making us the HOTTEST website in the area.

        This is the LEAST educated committee this town has ever witnessed.  Two are democrats and two are republicans but neither can represent their party. The two dems ( Condo & Finnerty ) were bought off by an unscrupulous political land dealer with big paying state jobs. The two republicans ( Richardson & Hurley ) were bought off by same unscrupulous  man by bankrolling their campaign. Only the residents can hold their feet to the fire at televised meetings to try to keep some assemblance of order . They already know they can not win next year so they are planning to put elf one ( Condo ) in the administrators position during the year. He is the least educated of all . Look Laugh and then attend every township meeting .

        Breakdown of our 18 memeber endorsement board by political afilliation

        7 Republican  9 Unafilliated (Independant)  2 Democrats


        POST YOUR OWN RANTS AND RAVES  on the Rants and Rave page We value all opinions

        ANYONE Who feels their Civil Rights Were Violated

        by WTPD Sergeant Joseph P Mcnally or Sergeant Richard J Passarella please send in your complaints to vote@waterfordtwpteaparty.com . All complaints will be kept confidential and turned over to Federal Authorities.


        There are many rumors flying around town about a local activist. It is unfortunate the real story can not be released at this time as it is in litigation. When the facts come out and the residents see how this election was tainted with criminal manipulation, they will be stunned.

        This site does NOT bash police officers. We do however publish problems with bad cops. The 2 officers with the obvious alchohol problem earn their own publicity. We are not vindictave people who have received tickets. We actually did a survey of our members and only one member got a ticket from Mcnally and that was years ago. It was a bogus charge and was thrown out of court.  That gentleman had a brother who was an officer whom was killed on duty. We will be doing a page on Great Police Officers. We receive many great stories about Berlin Twp and Boro officers. We have not printed them because we are a Waterford Twp site, however we will be forwarding them to their departments to get credit for their professionalism. We have received many wonderful stories about Waterford's Dan Chumento. We have not published them yet as we want to do an entire page on his professionalism, courage, and  valor. We will be contacting him for an interview.  There is a man who will make a great chief someday.


        Now 3 email addresses to send in feedback





        This is one of many IP adresses  from Waterford Twp Police that send out Bigotted Hate Mail

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